Are you tired of being unemployed?

by Buna Dahal

Perhaps you got laid off yesterday. Some folks were dismissed two years ago, and others were let go six months prior. No matter when we lose a job we feel devastated. You might be experiencing cabin fever by now. You must not stop here. Remember the world continues to spin.

Are you in a career search or a job hunt? In either case, take a moment to reflect upon your previous employment. Either the management in your organization could not recognize the value in your expertise or the Devine pushed you out of your comfort zone. Things happen for a reason. So, are you plotting yourself back into a similar field and position? Or…, are you considering to leap out of your familiar territory? Then you can enter into the beautiful unknown and spot that treasure; the job you wake up happy to go to.

You are not alone! Many Americans have lost their employment. Obviously, I cannot speak for them, neither feel their pain nor express their emotion. However, I can sympathize with them because my husband recently got laid-off. Among the many qualities I admire about him, particularly in this pivotal moment, is his love for lifetime learning. This course of action has certainly led him to his next career calling. I know my husband will achieve his passion –so you will!

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