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Over the years, Buna Dahal has left a lasting impression on everyone who comes into contact with her unique perspective and refreshingly optimistic approach to leadership, vision, noble living, and the art of possibility.

Below are just some of the testimonials from respected professionals, who endorse Buna Dahal.

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I first met her several years ago when our company was implementing support for the Citrix Metaframe XP and the Windows XP Remote Desktop. Our company was one of the leaders in implementing this technology within Window-Eyes, our screen reading software for people that are blind, and Ms. Dahal recognized the importance of this technology. She worked diligently with the National Federation of the Blind to host a presentation and open discussion of this technology at their national convention in Louisville, KY.

At a later time she went on to research and promote the employment of people who are blind and I worked with her to promote that employment by ADT Security Systems in Denver, CO. We traveled to ADT and met with several people, explaining how the use of our screen reader on their system could make it possible to employ blind people working alongside their sighted co-workers. She never lost her focus and her enthusiasm helped to motivate ADT.

Ms Dahal understands how to appeal and motivate people to take action. With a smile I've heard people say the phrase, "No one says no, to Buna," and that is very true. She has the energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and desire to make good things happen.

Vice President of Strategic Programs: AI Squared, Inc.
Daniel R. Weirich

I have known Buna for 15 years, first in her work with the Colorado Center for the Blind, where she found jobs for people with disabilities, and then as a speaker who opens hearts and inspires others.

Buna was a speaker at the 2004 Littleton Leadership Retreat, where she held an audience of 100 spellbound as she described her journey from childhood in Nepal, through her years of schooling and struggle, to living fully independently in the United States today.

Buna is familiar from first-hand experience with employment issues for people with disabilities as well as the challenges that immigrants to this country face. Whether working with corporations or nonprofit organizations, she serves as a positive and powerful role model. In her public speaking, she draws upon her own inner strengths and encourages members of her audiences to follow her example – to “spread their wings,” create opportunities for themselves, and live their dreams.

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a speaker who can inspire members of an audience, lift them up and fill them with joy..

Susan Thornton Associates Former Mayor, City of Littleton Chair, Littleton Leadership Retreat Chair, Littleton Immigrant Integration Initiative
Susan M. Thornton, M.S.

For those who know Buna, it is easy to vouch for her leadership contributions and her ability to lead. From the moment you meet Buna, you know that she is grounded in spirituality. Couple this with her global thinking and desire to learn, she is a powerful force.

Her spirituality, global thinking and desire to learn is evident from both what she says and what she does. Buna is able to be present with you as you unlock your own leadership ability. It is leading by example, but more importantly it is her humility that “we are on this journey” together that draws you in. She makes you feel comfortable that you are not alone, and that Buna does not have the answer book. She is creating it with you, as she is learning as well.

I have worked with Buna for only eight months, but in that time, she has helped me reach new levels of leadership, beyond where an executive coach left off.

Vice President Business Intelligence: Catholic Health Initiatives
Evon Holladay

Our district had the opportunity to receive training in placement from Buna Dahal. Ms Dahal is a dynamic and energetic presenter who infused our staff with energy and a renewed sense of purpose. Her sincere and enthusiastic approach was contagious. She was able to establish rapport quickly, thus helping us to focus on activities that were positive and successful in our present approach. She provided new strategies and practical methods for moving clients along in the process which has helped our placement rates to grow dramatically. Our district has the highest number of placements this year.

Ms. Dahal brings a wealth of experience and practical sense to the subject, as well as real life examples from the years of placement work that she has done. She believes in the abilities of blind people and strives to bring out the best in her clients. She does not limit clients in what they would like to do. She is passionate in her commitment to providing quality rehabilitation services and training. I highly recommend Ms. Dahal’s consultation services. It has made a deep impact in the quality of services that we provide.

District Supervisor | Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Connie Daly

I met Buna at a career fair sponsored by the Colorado Coalition for Person’s with Disabilities. Buna was there representing the Colorado School for the Blind. Buna immediately captured our interest in her efforts to place students from the school and from that point we formed a great working relationship and partnership.

Buna’s outgoing personality and her passion to educate employers on the value of hiring people with disabilities is truly an asset for her, and this is because she can speak so directly about it. Buna has a great ability to put employers at ease when it comes to hiring people who might have a disability. She is able to effectively communicate with people at a very personal level, and does so by allowing people to ask uncomfortable questions, while providing thoughtful and real answers.

Buna puts a 100% in to whatever she goes after and keeps her commitments. The Inverness hired a student based on Buna’s recommendation and through the entire process she was right there, coaching us, coaching her student and assisting the property in making key decisions on appropriate and reasonable accommodations. What we thought would be a difficult process ended up being seamless as well as educational. To date, that student is still employed with us and is an above average contributor to our team.

Buna will be successful at whatever she chooses to do because she sees no limit to her potential. It is this strength that places her in the “outstanding” category, as well as her diligence and her passion. I have enjoyed working with Buna and would recommend her unequivocally for whatever job she chooses.

Director of Human Resources - The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center
Chris Ramos

I have known Ms. Dahal for many years. I recognized her as someone of special talents and abilities right off and I have never found that this belief was misplaced. In fact I have been amazed to witness her growth as a professional to the point that I now presume upon our friendship to ask her advice about my business on a regular basis now.

I have learned through experience that if I follow her advice I will not be sorry. Two years ago I was only getting paid for about half of my business activities. I am now getting paid for those same activities and finally thriving in my business.

She has gently but persistently coached me in building my business as an artist and presenter. On a number of occasions we have presented in-depth information about art and accessibility to docents, and conservators from all over the United States, at the Denver Art Museum. Her calm demeanor and engaging banter immediately draws the audience into her presentation. She is also generous with me on stage. When we present together I know I will come out looking like a star.

Our careers and businesses are quite different, I am a public artist and book illustrator but her understanding of basic business principals is so sound, she clearly understands and expresses how I can approach my challenges in effective ways. But she doesn’t stop with the business solution; she understands human nature so she follows up the technical solution with gentle insistence that we also look at what belief let me to my ineffective behaviors.

This has led to real change in how I do business and the results have been equally real. Just as important I now have confidence that I can make my business grow, not when the economy gets better but now and that confidence is based on the results I see every day.

It is without reservation that I recommend Buna Dahal to you.

Tactile Artist - Sensational Books
Ann Cunningham

Once you connect with Buna, you have her for life.

Director of Human Resources: Doubletree by Hilton Denver
Ann Pelner

Buna’s simple presence speaks volumes.

Humorist & Motivational Speaker: Scott Friedman & Associates
Scott Friedman