Stress Bustin'

by Buna Dahal

'Tis the season to be overwhelmed trying to balance work, home, and you. DynamicBuna shares 12 simple tips to help bust the stress during the holidays. You are not alone during the holiday crunch, so take a few minutes for you.

Day 1: Positivity is a Boomerang

Spread positivity with co-workers, friends, strangers, and people that cross your path and it will come back to you. It is contagious, so start the wave!


Day 2: Share the Love

Physical connection helps, so hug family and friends.


Day 3: Put Yourself First

Everyday allow at least five minutes for you to be number 1 in the list of priorities. You need to recharge you to keeping running for everyone else.


Day 4: Open Your Heart

Have a heart to heart conversation, or share a story or a favorite memory about the holidays with a friend.


Day 5: Give Thanks

Express your appreciation and gratitude to those who pulled you out of your comfort-zone, contributed to a success, or lent a helping hand in 2013.


Day 6: Train your Brain

Stress is produced by your reaction. Stop, think, breathe, and act instead of reacting and increase optimism and reduce negative energy.


Day 7: Make a List and Cut it in Half

Create a reasonable daily task list with the highest priority tasks. Giant laundry lists are overwhelming and defeat you before you start.


Day 8: Ah-ha! Moments

Big or small, celebrate your achievements.


Day 9: Big Picture Focus

In the midst of holiday stress while you are juggling between work and home, be mindful to let go of some of the tiny details that can bog us down.


Day 10: Silence the Noise

Unplug and reduce internal and external noise by focusing on the meaning or purpose behind each event or task in front of you. p>

Day 11: Put The World On Hold

You don’t have to be producing every second of the day. It is perfectly ok to spend quality time with mind-LESS activities like watching a favorite holiday movie, playing with pets, or listening to music.


Day 12: Balancing Active

Stress-free success is the bottom line goal. The thinking process can shut down when you are overwhelmed. Take action to control the chaos. Relax, evaluate, and ask yourself the question. Does this need to be done now, or can it wait? Am I putting unnecessary and unrealistic deadlines on myself?

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