Are you tired of being unemployed?

by Buna Dahal

Salary is crucial in employment. Regardless of whether you are the one being paid, or the one paying, negotiation skills are essential. However, many job seekers get nervous about this; should the prospective candidate ever bargain for salary? Yes, but always do your research first. Websites like and can help you determine the going rate for your skills within your geographical location. Another good resource is where you can even find employee opinions about the company (be advised though, online opinions are typically skewed to the negative).

Are you a good negotiator? If not, or even if you are and want to polish your skills, I recommend a book I just finished; Over 40 & You’re Hired! Secrets to Landing a Great Job by Robin Ryan. The author provides a chapter on how to keep an upper-hand with the employer to secure a competitive salary that is matching to your qualifications.

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