Right of Voting

by Buna Dahal

What is a democracy?

The simple answer is; the free and equal right to participate in the decision-making process.

When I left Nepal 20 years ago I was still too young to vote there. Since then I have been residing in the United States and became a permanent resident 4.5 years ago. According to the immigration and naturalization law now I am eligible to apply for the U.S. citizenship. Indeed! I applied last Tuesday!

It’s an irony; I have never elected the president of a country or a government official in my life. I firmly believe in democracy and understand that voting is a critical element of the democratic process. Therefore I am anxiously waiting for that incredible moment until I take an oath of my citizenship so I can fully experience the power of democracy. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it feels to share in the right of voting at this time.

As I prepare for my citizenship test I will post my experiences here; please share this journey with me. I encourage you to comment about your memory of the first time you voted.

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