Measurable Outcomes

by Buna Dahal

REBUILDING NEPAL –seeing the future work

Our program, received with an outpouring of support from the community, was in response to the call and need of the Nepalese blind and disabled. This program was charged to equip them with career skillsets so that they may be active participants in the process of refashioning Nepal. Following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake –opportunities for the Blind and disabled to contribute became even more scarce than usual.

Individuals, families, businesses and consumer organizations of Nepalese and American heritage were the stakeholders of this humanitarian cause. We partnered for a shared vision and championed it together. As a result, the following deliverables were achieved:

  1. Skilled engagement in gainful economic independence
  2. Technology and employment training within their community through a “Train The Trainer” model
  3. Teaching effective strategies of job development and placement
  4. Educating employers on how to tap into the blind and disabled workforce as an asset.

What is next? Where are we going now?

I am thrilled to inform the stakeholders that four leadership initiatives have arisen:
  • Mainstreaming of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
  • A new Technology and Employment Committee
  • Establishing the National Blind and Disabled Rehabilitation Training Center, and
  • Organic Farming for the Blind and Disabled.
  • These are a direct result of our program.

Both the deliverables mentioned above and these initiatives are interconnected and build on the work we have already begun.

Success starts with small steps. Quality and quantity are both key pieces of the measurable outcome puzzle. If these tangible aspirations don’t mount to the measurable outcomes of our significant leadership and significant service, what would?

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