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Empowering the blind as they strive for economic, social, and political equality

Families and communities
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Blind Corps consists of experienced and dedicated volunteer professionals in the field of work with the blind, organized as a non-profit in October, 2005 with the purpose of addressing rehabilitation needs of blind people in developing nations.


The fundraising goal for Blind Leading Blind Nepal 2013 was $50,000 through cash and/or in-kind donations to cover travel accommodations, training, and equipment. We need your financial support to continue the success of BLIND CORPS. We need your partnership.

Current Initiatives
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Blind Corps Initiatives

Blind Leading Blind

Blind Leading Blind is a global program by BLIND CORPS to mobilize families, communities, businesses, volunteers, rehabilitation coaches, support organizations, government agencies, and the blind themselves to work together to enhance the way of life of the blind.

From Disaster to Development

Breast cancer is rising in Nepal, especially in young women. However, these women often do not have access to medical treatment until their cancer has reached a critical stage.