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Buna Dahal

Visionary Philanthropist, Noble Leader

Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, Buna Dahal speaks on vision, noble living and the art of possibility.

blind motivational speaker

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blind motivational speaker

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blind motivational speaker

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Why Choose Buna Dahal?

 Program Development

Successful programs executed with the assistance and guidance of Buna Dahal.

 Motivational Speaking

Learn from a woman born blind how to develop and exercise vision.

 Leadership Training

An innovative and empowering approach to leadership and public speaking.


DVDs to help you Launch Your Inner Leader.


See what colleagues and client have to say about working with Buna Dahal.


An ever-growing collection of media featuring the guidance and philanthropy of Buna Dahal.

DynamicBuna and Buna Dahal are based out of Vancouver, WA. To learn more about the Art of Possibility, Noble Living and Innovation Empowerment, call us @ (360) 433-9651

About Buna Dahal

Visionary philanthropist – noble leader Buna Dahal has led numerous multimillion dollar humanitarian programs globally. She has mastered the art of community philanthropy for social responsibility. To support such programs, Buna consistently achieves 100% success in fundraising. Her extraordinary achievements have been featured on Colorado Community Newspapers, Nepal Television, Kantipur Television, NBC, CBS, MSNBC… to name a few.

Buna is a blind motivational speaker who promotes vision leadership combining personal leadership through community outreach. The earthquake of April 2015 in Nepal created tremendous health and safety issues for more than eight million people. In response to this she coordinated efforts with the U.S. Congress to secure Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nepalese living in the United States. This allowed them to travel home, and back, more easily so they could carry aid to family and friends.

Buna Dahal is recognized as a global leader. She is a subject matter expert in employment and leadership. Working across cultural and economic boundaries Buna delivers competitive placement strategies which ensure success. By incorporating rigorous follow-up, reporting, and analytics into her training products this female inspirational speaker has instilled methods for consistent execution in organizations around the world. For the past 20 years these strategies have assured upward mobility for 95% of her clients.

As the newly appointed ambassador to the West Asia Region of the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment, Buna Dahal -professional speaker- is a beacon of inspiration.

Click below for a brief introductory video to Buna Dahal and her work.

Donate to Blind Corps

Blind Motivational Speaker

Mission: we deliver innovation empowerment!
Vision: delivering innovation empowerment through cutting edge education and rehabilitation programs to the world.
Status: nonprofit 501(c)3

Donate to Blind Corps
Blind Motivational Speaker

Mission: Delivering innovation empowerment through shared vision Vision: We lead innovative education and rehabilitation programs around the world Medium: Health, science, technology, engineering, math focused programs are our delivery methods Status: nonprofit 501(c)3

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Philanthropist, Dynamic Buna - Buna Dahal has lead 6 multimillion dollar humanitarian programs globally. As a blind motivational speaker, Buna Dahal is a professional speaker on vision, noble living, and the art of possibility. If you need a motivational speaker for your next community outreach or fundraising event, call Dynamic Buna


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