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From the Editor: We recently received the following press release.  We are delighted to publish it here.  Read on, and you will see why. VSA Colorado/Access Gallery is excited to bring you. Leadership Spirit Opening Show Friday, August 17, 2012 6:00pm-9:00pm At VSA...

Story from Norfolk Paper

No matter how different the culture, people have a heart to learn and a heart to give.î John Schmitt of Norfolk ó who has previously traveled to several countries, including China and Vietnam ó recently was reminded of that lesson while on a trip to Istanbul, Turkey....

Structured Discovery Learning Goes to Turkey
By Robert Leslie Newman


CBS, Channel 4 with Tom Mustin and Brooke Wagner

Aftershock: Rebuilding Nepal

Personal Leadership Vision

CBS, Channel 4 Denver: Blind Visually Impaired Feel Their Way Through YSL Exhibit

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