Blind Leading Blind

Families and communities working together with the blind

Blind Leading Blind is a global program by BLIND CORPS to mobilize families, communities, businesses, volunteers, rehabilitation coaches, support organizations, government agencies, and the blind themselves to work together to enhance the way of life of the blind.


BLIND CORPS travels to developing nations to bring white canes, digital Braille note taking devices, screen reader software, and experienced American rehabilitation specialists to conduct a two-week intensive training program. Based on the standard nine-month program, Blind Leading Blind is a power-packed two-week course for forty-fifty students. Professional trainers teach white-cane travel techniques, Braille literacy, digital technology skills, and strategies for independent living. In addition, BLIND CORPS volunteers coach prospective employers and educational institutions to improve opportunities for gainful employment and access to relevant education and degree programs. The primary goal is the empowerment of blind people as they strive for economic, social, and political equality – to mobilize them and the support they need.


BLIND CORPS is preparing for Blind Leading Blind to go to Kathmandu, Nepal in the Summer of 2013. Following three successful training programs in the Republic of Turkey in 2007, 2008, and 2010, Blind Leading Blind is headed to the home town of project coordinator Buna Dahal. Buna Dahal, of DynamicBuna is a leadership strategist, professional development coach, and dynamic keynote speaker. Impassioned by her own personal journey as a blind person growing up in Nepal and traveling to the United States for college, she is leading the team of volunteers for the Blind Leading Blind project in Nepal. Volunteers joining Buna and team Blind Leading Blind in Nepal are Nancy Flearl, a professional rehabilitation counselor for the blind of more than 30 years; Kim Adams, retired K-12 teacher of the blind in Nebraska for more than 30 years; and Carleen Clearwater, owner of Kickass Marketing and Creative and a creative professional of more than 20 years is coming to capture and tell the Blind Leading Blind story to mobilize efforts for future BLIND CORPS programs and projects.


The fundraising goal for Blind Leading Blind Nepal 2013 is $50,000 through cash and/or in-kind donations to cover travel accommodations, training, and equipment. We need your financial support to continue the success of BLIND CORPS. We need your partnership.

Blind Leading Blind


We thank you, our sponsors.

  • DynamicBuna, Inc.
  • Sagarmatha Television
  • GW Micro, Inc.
  • Dallas Hermetic
  • Travel House Nepal
  • Dr. Kevin Christ
  • Kickass Marketing and Creative
  • Xavier International College
  • Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA)
  • Nepali Women’s Global Network (NWGN), California Chapter
  • Nepali Community Center of Orlando (NCCO)
  • Jeffco Sertoma Club
  • Blind Women Association Nepal
  • Blind Youth Association Nepal
  • Nepal Blind Support Association
  • Ram and Nilu Kharel
  • Menuka and Bhawani Shankar Dahal
  • Rosalie Martin
  • Ujala and Shankar Manandhar
  • Rita Ruttendjie
  • Connie Daly
  • Cecilia Daly
  • Nancy Flearl
  • Kim Adams
  • Samjhana Acharya and Bashu Dev Khanal
  • Andrew Plocher
  • Ambika Prasad and Dipta Sapkota
  • Barbara and Donald Gant
  • Roger Greer
  • Sikchya Upudhayay and Tirtha Raj Pokharel
  • Fred and Darcy Clearwater
  • Michael Wheat
  • Dr. Gaury Shankar and Anita Adhikary
  • Dr. Sohan and Maya Khatiwada
  • Rajendra and Nita Khatiwada
  • Nischaya, Rashmi and Nitish Khatiwada
  • Dr. Nitesh and Dr. Nitu Upadhyay
  • Radha and Krishna Niroula
  • Dr. Sambhu and Sabita Pant
  • Dr. Dinesh and Indira Koirala
  • Dr. Pradeep and Shasi Dhital
  • Dr. Nanda and Mani Joshi
  • Anju and Suresh Basyal
  • Vijaya L. Shrestha
  • Ankur and Durgha Sharma
  • Bishnu Gurung Ekta and Jas Gurung
  • Meena Shakya and Hariom Pradhan
  • Bhishan Pradhan and Anita Shrestha
  • Monika Pradhan and Sudesh Sharma
    Rajendra and Lisa Shrestha
  • Krishana and Maya Pokhrel
  • Dhan and Anita Thapa
  • Hari and Sapana Paudel
  • Shankar and Sarda Gautam
  • Dev and Arati Rai
  • Sujan Ghimire
  • Dinesh and Ganga Maharjan
  • Swantantra and Anju Shrestha
  • Bimal and Bindu Aryal
  • Nagendra and Laxmi Dhakal
  • Bikash and Amita Devkota
  • Siwali and Nirmala Shakya
  • Ram and Prabha Rai
  • Bimal and Srijana Nepal
  • Chudamani and Sarita Khanal
  • Krishana and Sunita Shrestha

Dear Sponsors,

It is our honor to present this report. You were one of the sponsors of the Blind Leading Blind which was led by Blind Corps and DynamicBuna. Blind Corps is a nonprofit organization based in the United States. Thank you for your championship and incredible support.

The primary goal of Blind Leading Blind was the empowerment of blind and visually impaired people as they strive for economic, social, and political equality. We conducted a 3-weeks training program titled, Blind Leading Blind in Bhrikuti Mandav, Kathmandu, Nepal. We partnered with three non-government organizations in the country; Blind Women Association Nepal, Blind Youth Association Nepal, and Nepal Blind Support Association. The program began on July 23rd with an Opening Ceremony and ended with a Closing Ceremony on August 7, 2013.

The training model was train the trainer with hands-on teaching style, and the curriculum focused on education and employment opportunities, accessible technology, white cane travel techniques, Braille literacy, personal management, and philosophy of blindness. We have easily impacted 500 people during the course of our training. In fact, the Blind Leading Blind has started an influential movement among Nepalese with disabilities specially the blind. Beyond, this program has created a positive public
awareness about capabilities of the blind as well as how to turn disabilities into abilities.

The program was rigorous. To create an image of our Blind Leading Blind trainers, trainees, partners, and volunteers, picture this in your mind… we all hiked on the hills of Chovar. Obviously, the blind and visually impaired participants used their white canes and blindfolds on those straight steps to reach the top of the hill. Our program made it a priority to help the participants break down barriers: Traditionally, the blind of Nepal were not allowed to sign their names –they were always forced to use fingerprints as their signatures. Now the blind can sign with an ink pen because we not only taught them this vital skill we also educated them how to advocate for their personal rights.

The Blind Leading Blind captures its impactful moments through these three powerful slogans, and they are direct outcomes of our training:

• No more fingerprints
• I can do it myself
• Use your voice.

The following testimonials summarize the successes of Blind Leading Blind. The most powerful was Pasang Sherpa who was a very quiet young woman. She stated that she has been shy all her life. While she volunteered in the program for two weeks, she learned that with skills and opportunities the blind can do anything. More importantly this experience taught her to have confidence in herself!

“Ah ha! The white cane travel techniques paired with blindfold has taught me to
believe in myself,” Ramchandra Gaihre.

“I grew up in Chovar -always walking with friends and family. Today is the first time I
walked by myself,” Mahesh Dawadi.

“It was a historical moment on the hike, I might be losing vision, but am maintaining
my vision for the future,” Suresh Neupane.

“I hope to be good at traveling independently, so I can teach others,” Krishna

“I can write my name myself, no more fingerprints!” Ravi Dawadi.

“I thought I knew how to use a white cane, but I was focused on using my feet and
not the information that the cane was providing,” Sudhan Tandukar.

“I had never tried to find anything myself when I lost or dropped it, depended on
others,” Bindu Neupane.

“It was the first time I used a white cane with a blindfold, I felt good and not lost,”
Parbat Raj Bista.

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Blind Motivational Speaker

Mission: Delivering innovation empowerment through shared vision
Vision: We lead innovative education and rehabilitation programs around the world
Medium: Health, science, technology, engineering, math focused programs are our delivery methods
Status: nonprofit 501(c)3

Donate to Blind Corps

Blind Motivational Speaker

Mission: Delivering innovation empowerment through shared vision

Vision: We lead innovative education and rehabilitation programs around the world

Medium: Health, science, technology, engineering, math focused programs are our delivery methods

Status: nonprofit 501(c)3

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