From the Editor: We recently received the following press release.  We are
delighted to publish it here.  Read on, and you will see why.

VSA Colorado/Access Gallery is excited to bring you.

Leadership Spirit Opening Show

Friday, August 17, 2012
At VSA Colorado Access Gallery
909 Santa Fe, Drive, Denver, CO 80204

The works of two artists in a collaborative project showcasing the
illustrations of Andrew Morris and Buna Dahal’s recently released book,
Leadership Spirit.

Buna, poet, writer, and renowned motivational speaker sought after for her
leadership workshops and trainings all across the globe, will be at the
Access Gallery signing her new book Leadership Spirit.   As a child born
blind in Nepal, Buna found herself up against many obstacles, especially the
limiting beliefs of others.  Choosing not to buy into it, Buna moved to the
United States at a young age, worked as a successful job trainer and coach
for the Colorado Center for the Blind, before earning her Master’s Degree
and starting her own business.   Recently, Buna was asked to speak at the
United Nations Convention on the importance of spiritual leadership. To
learn more go to .

The illustrations for the book were created by VSA Colorado illustrator
Andrew Morris. Andrew is a graduate of Metro State College and has been
working with VSA Colorado for 3 months. In addition to the work for the
book, Andrew will also be exhibiting some of his other work.

Also on hand this evening will be art and accessibility innovator and artist
Ann Cunningham.   Ann Cunningham has been involved in the art community for
more than 30 years and her accessible fairy tales, books, and art, have been
seen and purchased all around the world.  She will be showcasing her newest
product the Sensational Black Board, which offers a fun, fast, easy, and
inexpensive way to get tactile access to images. You can draw your own
raised line pictures or you can have photocopy images of textbook or
research materials quickly.  To learn more visit

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