Let’s rebuild Nepal together by inspiring the blind and disabled…

Every journey begins with a first step.

On April 25, 2015 the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal affected more than eight million people and resulted in eight thousand fatalities. 1.5 million homes were destroyed. The quake rendered thousands of homes unsafe for habitation. An alarming number of people were injured and have become disabled. In the midst of this massive natural disaster, the blind and disabled are left behind. Sustainability and self-reliance opportunities are scarce for our Nepalese disabled.

REBUILDING NEPAL –seeing the future work

Our program, with your support, is in response to call and need of the Nepalese blind and disabled. This program is charged to equip the Nepalese blind and disabled with career skill sets in the process of rebuilding new Nepal. In our best efforts all Nepalis will be contributing minds and hands in the shaping of our homeland.

Deliverable outcomes for Nepalese Blind and Disabled:

  1. Skilled engagement in gainful economic independence
  2. Technology and employment training within their community through a “Train The Trainer” model
  3. Teach effective strategies of job development and placement
  4. Educate employers how to tap into the blind and disabled workforce as an asset
  5. Technology and career fairs to demonstrate capabilities of the Nepalese blind and disabled.

Partner with us to deliver this program to those in need by contributing financially, sharing this information on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, or joining us for a Colorado event on September 20th. Learn more about ways to partner with us here.


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